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Discipline & Experience

At Quantum Capital, we invest in value-add multifamily assets in central, growing neighborhoods of major cities, near jobs, transit and amenities.

We acquire poorly-managed properties at a discount then improve them through renovations and operational efficiencies, creating new streams of income such as on-site laundry, storage, and parking.

Our model has been tested for 20 years, through good market conditions and hostile ones. To date, every investment has been successful. Yet we take nothing for granted, and continually strive to improve.

We are disciplined, patient, and picky.

Our goal is to create exceptional returns for investors and improve the living spaces for our residents.

Multifamily Investing


Los Angeles, Austin, and Denver all have diverse economies with growing populations. Both are experiencing a severe shortage of rental units, and renters are becoming an increasing portion of the population due to the prohibitive cost of single family homes. Recent market conditions are only pushing home ownership further out of reach for most residents. This has resulted in chronic lack of supply.



Million Portfolio Value



Market, Strategy & Experience

We focus on in-demand, high-growth markets with strong operating characteristics and multiple barriers to entry.  Our focus is B and C-class properties, this segment of the rental market is in the shortest supply and highest demand. A demand that only increases during a recession, when renters move down from more expensive A-class units.

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