The Wild West Real Estate Podcast

The Wild West Real Estate Podcast

Welcome to The Wild West Real Estate Podcast, the show that brings you real estate strategies and insights to help you navigate an investing landscape that often feels like the Wild West. I’m Mark Hentemann, a comedy writer with a 20-year side hustle in real estate investing. After starting out in the early 2000s buying multifamily, I have since built a $75 million portfolio in what is often considered a market you can’t invest in: Los Angeles. The Wild West Real Estate Podcast is focused on stories, interviews, and deep-dive discussions with some of the brightest minds in real estate. We hope to prove it’s not that hard to invest in big markets, global twenty-four-hour cities that scare most investors off, but we think are the safest investments out there, and also happen to have the highest returns.

Now, I am not a guru and I do not want your money. I just have a passion for real estate I am on a mission to share my knowledge and help friends and like-minded investors achieve their investment goals. Listen in to learn about the best investment I ever made, how it got me started down the path I am on today, and more.

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