At Quantum Capital we have been investing in value-add multifamily real estate since 2000 and are proud of our unrivaled track-record.  Our investment philosophy is built on buying poorly-managed but high-quality buildings in excellent locations, then adding value through renovations. We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years. While most investors suffered heavy losses during the 2008 market crash, we tripled our investors’ capital.

We don’t take high-risk or deal in ground-up construction.  Our approach is simple: acquire good, but poorly-managed and discounted properties in high-demand locations. Once an acquisition is complete, we renovate the property giving it a dramatic facelift with necessary amenities to appeal to today’s more selective renter.  With a dedicated team in place, we are able to achieve economies of scale on our operations creating extra cash-flow while adding appreciation to the asset. We're picky and we like to stick to our strategy, a strategy that's never lost us money on a deal to date.

Quantum Capital's operations create strong returns for investors and beautiful living spaces for the community.