We invest in value-add multifamily real estate.  Our strategy is to target underperforming properties in rapidly-growing pockets of major cities, adding value through operational efficiencies and renovations. We primarily invest our own capital, and our model has been honed and tested for 19 years, through good market conditions and hostile ones. Our first-ever deal with investors closed in 2008, and we had the unfortunate timing that what followed was the worst real estate crash in 50 years. Most investors suffered heavy losses or were wiped out completely. It wasn’t fun, but we’re very proud of the fact that we not only survived, but tripled our investors’ capital with this investment. This has as much to do with the assets we buy as it does with our operational skill.

We are disciplined, patient and picky.

We stick to our strategy, and we are proud to say we’ve never lost us money on a deal to date.

Quantum Capital's goal is to create exceptional returns for investors and exceptional living spaces for our tenants.