Mark Hentemann


After struggling for years to make ends meet while trying to break into the writing business, Mark used his first script payments to buy a duplex in 2000. It was a life-changer. 18 years later, he remains passionate about real estate investing as an unparalleled tool to achieve financial freedom. He’s built a multifamily portfolio worth $50m+, and his mission is to share his knowledge and help others invest better.  He’s also managed to piece together a writing/producing career, working for David Letterman, Family Guy, and creating shows for Fox and MTV. He lives in Los Angeles with this wife, Lynne, and their three daughters.

Lee Ripma

Lee Ripma is a California native who invests out-of-state, primarily in Kansas City, MO. She has a growing portfolio of multifamily assets, and has completed several major rehabs. She is Quantum Capital’s asset manager, overseeing the existing portfolio and assisting with acquisitions. She is also a professional biologist. Lee lives in Los Angeles with her wife, Jamie.

TDI Property Management

Tzvi Fuerst and Danny Levin oversee property management for Quantum Capital as partners in TDI Properties. They have been in the Los Angeles property management business for over 25 years.

First Pacific Financial

Todd Sherman and Garrett Broom oversee financing for Quantum Capital. They have over thirty years’ experience in multifamily acquisitions and refinances.

Singer Burke

Singer Burke has been an advisor to Quantum Capital since its founding, performing financial analysis and accounting services. Their team includes Matthew Burke, Aaron Zimmer and Elaina Kogan.

Engineered Tax Services

Engineered Tax Services, based in Charlotte, NC, performs advanced tax services for Quantum Capital, including cost segregation studies.