Austin Hartley is a real estate investor from Denver, Colorado with a large social media following. He’s a former college athlete, the founder of Nova Real Estate Investing, and the host of the Passion First Podcast.

He’s been featured in CBS, Yahoo, Fox, New York Weekly, and numerous notable podcasts. Today, Mark and Austin sit down to discuss systems and cultivating a powerful mindset.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Building momentum can take time, but as the snowball gets rolling it grows on an exponential curve. Austin took time, educated himself, and built out systems, and now he’s created a life with incredible income and time freedom. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time, patience, and dedication.

  • Austin built his online following slowly, posting about things he enjoyed and sharing his knowledge. It had his specific personality quirks, and that resonated with people. Over time, it started to gain momentum, and he implemented systems to keep the accounts growing without his direct input. This allows him to focus on his business while still putting out quality content.

  • Austin’s superpower, the one trait that he thinks has helped him the most, is being coachable. If anyone has something that they are willing to teach him, whether a book, podcast, or in person, he’s open and willing to listen. More importantly, he takes action to implement these lessons. This transition, from reacting to the world around him to being purposeful in his pursuits, has changed the trajectory of his life.

Key Phrase:

“I feel like Instagram is the modern-day business card for a lot of younger people.” – Austin Hartley

Resources In Today’s Episode:

Books Mentioned In Today’s Podcast

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