Danny Monempour built a multifamily investment, management, and syndication company from scratch in one of the most competitive markets in the U.S. He’s the founder of Monem Corp, which operates 100+ properties from Venice Beach to LA, and has 50 team members. He’s also a guest lecturer with UCLA extension program and was featured in the new book Billion Dollar Portfolio.

Mark and Danny sit down to discuss the importance of keeping things simple, looking at obstacles as opportunities, and how to take a holistic approach to acquisitions.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Keep your structures simple. People don’t invest in what they don’t understand. Danny has closed on over 150 properties using roughly the same deal structure as he did on his first property.

  • Look for opportunities in seemingly difficult situations. Danny was able to find tremendous opportunity in the inefficiencies created by rent control, while other investors shied away. Danny was able to leverage that inefficiency to create outsized returns.

  • Don’t focus on just one metric when buying properties. Take a holistic approach and look for the outliers, whether good or bad, that force your hand.

Key Phrase:

“ If it wasn’t for rent control, I would not even be successful. I wouldn’t even be in business.” – Danny Monempour

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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