In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Bill Ham, Chief Operating Officer at the Broadwell Property Group. We’ll be discussing how to navigate marketing cycles, the importance of having an exit strategy, and the pros and cons of self-managing.

Wings up or wheels up, have you planned for your exit strategy?


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Bringing property management in house can be a tough job, and it can slow your growth, however it gives you more control and ability to take on more distressed properties.

  • Shift your strategy as the market shifts.

  • Take off is optional, landing is mandatory. Have your exit strategy planned first.

  • Retiring with multifamily is a myth, owning and operating multifamily takes a lot of work.

  • Builders don’t build based on need, they build on funds available.

  • Failures are stepping stones to your success.


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Take off is optional, landing is mandatory.” – Bill Ham

“The one thing people aren’t really noticing is the aging apartment buildings.” – Bill Ham

“It’s all about practice.” – Bill Ham

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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