In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Vish Iyer, a veteran real estate investor who built a massive portfolio in the mid-2000s, got caught badly in the 2008 crash, then picked up the pieces and rebuilt. 

Vish is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, devout yoga practitioner, and actor who holds graduate degrees in information systems and business.

To know him is to know you can’t keep him down. Listen below to find out why.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • As a new investor, scaling your size out of the gate scales your risk, mistakes, and ignorance.

  • Learn from your mistakes, take ownership of them and view it as an opportunity to rebuild yourself into something greater than before .

  • Don’t assume taking management in-house will always equal more cashflow.

  • Keeping your mindset positive takes work, but it will help your persevere through tough times. 


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Everytime you meditate you grow and dwell up the emotional strength.” – Vish Iyer

“You give it your all, but you play to win. You don’t play to lose, you play to win, but you need to have the right attitude if you lose.” – Vish Iyer

“Caution has been more of mantra for me this, rather than bravado.” – Vish Iyer

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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