Gino Barbaro spent 25 years as a chef and restaurateur before pivoting to real estate and building a multi-faceted empire, including a $100M+ multifamily portfolio, Rand Capital, Jake & Gino, and the highly-rated Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast. He’s a professional coach, teacher, and speaker.

Gino and Mark sit down for an epic discussion, touching on a range of topics including financial freedom, developing your passion, navigating partnerships, and when to check your emotions at the door. 

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • A partnership can accelerate your growth, but it takes time, communication, and accountability to be truly in sync. In the beginning it can be messy and chaotic, but over time as roles are defined and processes implemented, you’ll begin to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • It’s not about retirement, it’s about developing your purpose. Significance and passion make life more fulfilling and happier. Finding that thing, whether it be coaching, writing, or real estate, that you enjoy and can commit to being the best at will breed passion. In Gino’s words, “Getting really good at something and helping people out is ultimately going to make you happier.”

  • When it comes to investing, you need to be able to check your emotions at the door. Passion is essential to success, but so is being able to shut that passion down when emotions cloud your judgment. Whether it’s analyzing deals, negotiating terms, or dealing with vendors, you can’t allow that passion to get in the way of common sense.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Success comes from committing, you commit to something and then you take the action.” – Gino Barbaro

“I wasn’t successful in multifamily until I started identifying as a multifamily real estate investor.” – Gino Barbaro

“I think getting really good at something and helping people out is ultimately going to make you happier.” – Gino Barbaro

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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