Hadar Orkibi started his career as a real estate broker in Israel, then moved to New Zealand, where he began building his multifamily portfolio and fine-tuning the art of long-distance international investing. He serves as asset manager for MFI Holdings and is a coach with Jake and Gino.

Today, Mark and Hadar sit down and discuss powerful strategies for long-distance investors, market pricing, and overcoming obstacles.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Hadar successfully invests long distance from New Zealand in the U.S., and he does it by networking. He picks his city, then uses Bigger Pockets to meet local investors on the ground there. They help him learn the lay of the land, and he builds teams in those markets that help him succeed.

  • Getting to know a new market gets talked about quite a bit, but what’s less talked about is getting to know the real estate pricing lay of the land.  From the low-end to the high end. What is the range of cap rates that properties trade for?  What is the cost per square foot range?  What is the cost per unit range?

  • Hadar had a bad experience with an investment, and investment that went south.  It’s what every investor dreads.  He said the stress caused him to get sick.  I know investors who were physically and emotionally devastated by similar situations.  Some never invested again.  But Hadar turned the negative into a positive.  He turned to meditation, yoga, spirituality, and ended up coming out stronger, more balanced, more resilient.  He turned it into a growth experience, that still serves him now.  We all will go through tough times at some point.  It’s how we deal with those, and the mindset we choose, that determines the outcome.  Hard times can be the greatest growth opportunities, if you are willing to learn from them.

Key Phrase:

“It is really easy in life to get bogged down by day-to-day things and not continue pushing towards your goals, and it’s the mindset that helps you to tie things together and keep going when it’s tough.” – Hadar Orkibi

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