Jake Stenziano worked at Radio Shack, then the pharmaceutical industry before shifting to multifamily investing, where he’s now built an investing, property management, coaching, and education juggernaut. He’s also a two-time, best-selling author and one half of the top-ranked Jake and Gino Podcast.

In today’s episode, Jake and Mark sit down to discuss building an organization that is truly unique and delivering a top-notch customer experience. 


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Jake grew up in a small rust-belt town where he hustled his way into a coveted pharmaceutical job, where he excelled not due to any innate sales ability but sheer hard work, or as he calls it “blue collar work ethic.”
  • Proximity is power. Jake was influenced by the successful people he met. Whether it was successful doctors, real estate investors, or local business owners, he actively sought those who questioned the traditional course in life. These relationships helped him cultivate a growth mindset.
  • His mantra is people, systems, and culture. Jake and his team at Rand are committed to creating an exceptional customer experience for the resident’s at their communities. Their team invests time, energy, and capital into quality of life upgrades onsite and off, which reduces turnover for residents and staff. It’s a commitment that starts at the top of their organization and is present all the way down.

Key Phrase:

“I’m looking around and everybody but this one guy is getting pushed into these medical groups…and he didn’t need to be a doctor. He owned real estate all over the East Coast.” – Jake Stenziano

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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