John Brackett is an investor and president of Fidelity Business Partners in San Diego, a private equity firm focused on multifamily investing. He has over 20 years experience, he’s the host of the We Build Apartment Communities Podcast, and has been a member of the International Economic Honor Society since 1997.

John comes on the show to discuss how he survived the 2008 recession, the key to getting the best financing for your project, and the benefits of investing in complementary markets.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Make financing work for you, and don’t be afraid to get creative. In John’s words, “the key to financing is to make sure you marry up the [debt] to whatever the terms of the opportunity are.” 

  • John uses a hybrid approach to investing that has worked very well for him. By choosing markets that complement each other, such as Houston  and San Diego, he’s able to capture both the higher cash flow of Houston and the strong, equity producing headwinds of a major coastal market like San Diego. 

  • Look at your overall business strategically. Make sure you’re building a business/portfolio that complements your lifestyle. Whether it’s partners or property management, think big picture and make sure it aligns with your long-term goals or ethos. “What’s the character behind the capital?”

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It was a challenging time, but also a very unique time. There was definitely some pressure, but the pressure was good, it sharpened me.” – John Brackett

“I understood from banking that we’re going to need to hold some of these assets, that the market wasn’t always going to be as great.” – John Brackett

“The key to financing is you want to make sure you marry up the financing to whatever the term of the opportunity is.” – John Brackett

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