Kavitha Baratakke is a principal at Cherry Street Investments and a syndicator who retired from her 20-year career in tech to pursue real estate investing as a full-time sponsor. She’s been an investor since 2009, is currently invested in over 2000 doors, and runs the popular Facebook group, Purely Passive Investment Group.

Kavitha and Mark sit down to discuss intuition, the correct mindset for raising capital and setting your day up for success.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Kavitha’s invested on her own for several years, and turning points in her career happened when she went to meetups, networking events, and met key partners. Meeting the right people and forging trusting partnerships can really help launch you to a new level.

  • What you do with your early morning impacts your entire day and how you approach it. Adopt an empowering morning practice. Shape your mind, don’t let it shape you.

  • Raising capital can be tough when you’re coming from a place of need. Kavitha observed that she’s never struggled to raise capital as long as she’s made helping others, and not herself, the priority. You will be successful in direct proportion to the amount of people you serve.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Suddenly I was a part of something bigger than me, and that was great.”– Kavitha Baratakke

“One of the big lessons I learned from that was to not let winning or losing control me.” – Kavitha Baratakke

“It takes a little bit of dealing with the uncertainty in your mind.” – Kavitha Baratakke

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