Neal Bawa is known as the mad scientist of multifamily real estate investing, and the founder of Grocapitus, which is invested in projects worth $150MM. He’s also the creator of Multifamily U, a multifamily education business that teaches thousands of students each year.

The Mad Scientist engages very frequently and deeply with his vast investor and RE Pro community, with tens of thousands of active connections and conversations across Facebook, LinkedIn,, Youtube and other channels. Neal is a backyard tomato farmer and a protein diet health nut. He believes in positivity and Karma. He is passionate about the sport of Cricket and about the enormous potential of self-driving electric vehicles to solve the global climate crisis.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • eCommerce has jumped from 6% to 10% of U.S. sales during the coronavirus, and it is likely this trend will continue. Currently, there is a shortage of warehouses and the logistics of dealing with such a large shift to eCommerce, because of this Neal anticipates opportunities in industrial warehouses, both now and in the future.

  • The current pandemic, coupled with the lockdowns, has drastically accelerated the number of companies that are switching to full-time remote work. This could lead to a resurgence in suburban living, as people seek a lower cost of living, more space, and less traffic outside of large cities.

  • Neal doesn’t focus on cities, he focuses on corridors of opportunity. For example, the corridor between San Antonio and Austin, TX, where the smaller cities in between are experiencing dual compression due to the growth of the two larger cities. In his words, “dual compression is the most powerful force in real estate.”

  • In today’s virtual world, you can run a business with the bulk of your staff being remote, virtual workers. Neal has about ⅓ of his workforce as boots on the ground in his markets, with the remaining ⅔ being virtual, sourcing talent from across the globe at competitive rates. This has allowed him to 10x his growth and outreach.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“20-30 years of shifting to virtual work happened in four months.” – Neal Bawa

“I believe in corridors of opportunities, not cities.” – Neal Bawa

“Data beats gut feel 100% of the time.” – Neal Bawa

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