Puja Talati is a former brand manager at Hershey’s, who pivoted to real estate investing and has helped build a $240M portfolio while continuing to consult with Fortune 500 companies, lending her marketing and branding expertise. 

She’s also a co-founder at JT Capital, which focuses on acquiring multifamily assets in high-growth markets. Listen in as she discussed the importance of branding, developing your unique message, and how to communicate effectively with your investors.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Marketing and branding are more important than ever as the multifamily space gets more crowded, more competitive. If you’re going to succeed you need an identity, and to identify who your investor is, and get specific!

  • Define who you are, what is your brand, and how you’re unique in this crowded field. What’s your mission/message? Know it, practice it, and be able to communicate it to others effectively.

  • When it comes to social media, you need to focus. Targeting one platform and doing it well is much more beneficial than trying to be everywhere. One high-quality weekly post is more effective than seven mediocre daily posts. Quality is better than quantity.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“What’s your mission? What makes you unique?” – Puja Talati

“Branding is a very important thing.” – Puja Talati

“If you can do that ‘find and replace’ with another company, then you’re probably not detailed enough to really differentiate who you are as a company.” – Puja Talati

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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