Rama Krishna is a San Francisco Bay entrepreneur who built and sold two tech companies before shifting to multifamily. He’s the founder of Zovest Capital and has built a portfolio that spans 300 units in markets such as Raleigh,  Atlanta, Jacksonville, Kansas City, and Cleveland. He’s now venturing into new construction with over $120M worth of projects in the pipeline.

Rama and Mark sit down to discuss new construction, defining your criteria, and leveraging ‘dollar’ markets to invest nationwide.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Some people live in deal markets, some live in money markets. Rama lived in the Bay area, a money market, and used this to his advantage when sourcing capital.

  • Know your criteria! Clear and specific ideas of what you are looking for give you the ability to look nationally and pick the best properties and markets for you.

  • Start with your market criteria, then apply your property criteria, rather than the other way around.

    Key Phrase:

    “The reality won’t work like your excel sheets. It’s completely different. You’ll get bombarded with completely different things.” – Rama Krishna

    Resources In Today’s Episode:

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