Spencer Hilligoss is a former Silicon Valley tech leader, who helped grow several billion-dollar companies before transitioning into real estate. He’s the founder of Madison Investing, which focuses on raising capital for real estate syndications, and he’s invested in over 5000 units.

In November 2019, Spencer “retired” from his lucrative technology career – leaving behind the $4B loan origination teams he built at LendingHome. Now, he is focused on spending time with loved ones and growing Madison Investing by helping passive investors achieve their goals.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Trust, but verify. In Spencer’s words, “Everyone starts with an A,” but then he verifies their track record and information, going as far as running background checks. Spencer is a trusting person by nature, so he took the time to develop a system and process for vetting potential deal sponsors. He believes that even if it’s a deal brought to you by a sponsor you’ve done a dozen deals with, your loyalty has to be to your investors, not the sponsor.

  • Spencer took stock of his surroundings, background, and environment, and developed a strategy of investing that worked for him and his family. In the words of Spencer’s mentor, “You’re in a money state, not a deal state.” 
  • You have to learn to say ‘no’ a lot. Whether vetting sponsors, deals, or even investors. Establish criteria that work for you and your investors, and stick to it. This will likely mean saying ‘no’ much more than ‘yes.’

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It’s like the Silicon Valley lottery, most of these things fail.” – Spencer Hilligoss

“They want the expertise of a person who is human. They are not going to go through a phone-tree to get advice on how to buy a house.” – Spencer Hilligoss

“I genuinely believe more people should have access to these investments.” – Spencer Hilligoss

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