Today’s guest is a Multifamily Investor in Indianapolis, a frequent BiggerPockets contributor, and former World Record attemptee. He’s the host of the Real Estate Experience Podcast, and the author of From Zero to Four Hundred Units

Mark and Sterling sit down to discuss overcoming your environment, leverage, and the power of being both humble and outgoing.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Sterling grew up in Section 8 housing, a tough environment, but did two things to change his trajectory. He found someone on the path he wanted to be on, reached out, and asked how he could provide value for that person. If you can be both outgoing and humble, you too can create opportunities to connect with people who can take you to a new level.

  • Sterling uses the power of leverage. He leverages a partner with strengths that make up for his weaknesses. He leverages social media, figuring out where investor eyeballs are and being a consistent presence there providing value. Thirdly, he leverages time. He buys more time for himself by paying people to take things off his plate, allowing him to focus on key areas.

  • Environment plays a big role, get around people with shared goals, drive, and discipline and they’ll raise your game. Sometimes without you even realizing it!

Key Phrase:

“I didn’t think of my age, or not having money in the bank, I just knew that I’m at ‘A’, I need to get to ‘Z’, and I need to find a way to bridge that gap.” – Sterling White

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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