Investment Principals

1. Risk Mitigation


We invest conservatively during all phases of the real estate cycle, buying only properties that can be acquired significantly below market value, in up-and-coming neighborhoods where values are rising faster than the Los Angeles median. 

We buy properties with positive cash flow, plus the potential for significant value-add.  We buy B and C-class properties, the segment of the rental market in shortest supply, and highest demand. 

This demand only increases during recession, when renters move down from more expensive A-class units.  This has proven to be among the best risk-adjusted investment strategies during all market phases.

2. Transparency 

We take the privilege of being stewards of your hard-earned capital very seriously. 

We seek to provide clarity and full disclosure throughout all phases of the investment cycle.  From acquisition to operating strategy to disposition, we allow investors access to our process, and the information they need to be as integrated in the decision-making process as they desire.

3. Discipline + Experience

We have two decades of experience, and an intimate understanding of the neighborhoods we invest in, along with extensive broker relationships.  Due to our track record, we are given first shot at some of the most undervalued properties and exceptional deals. 

We then put our knowledge and experience to work adding value and decreasing expenses in multiple ways through our value-add business plan. This has resulted in exceptional returns in good markets and bad.

4. Impact Our Communities

We believe that by improving the often-neglected living spaces that we purchase, we’re generating a better experience for our tenants, and improving the community at-large.

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